Quapaw House Inc. - Adolescent Care Center

Contact Information
276 Linden Street, Hot Springs, AR 72901 , Hot Springs, Arkansas 72901, United States
Detailed Information

Provides housing program, addiction recovery treatment options, a wellness clinic, childcare services, counseling and therapy services. Anger management as well as a drug and alcohol safety education program.

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People Served
Youth below 18
Management Board

Casey Bright, Executive Director


birth certificate, social security card, shot record, AR kids’card, other insurance card or the number, guardianship paperwork, physical dated within the last 60 days and proof of income for parents or guardians

Services Provided
Childcare Services
Housing Program
Medical and Treatment Services
Treatment Services for Substance Abuse
Recovery Program
Assessment and Therapy
Wellness Care
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Please Note: These services may be provided directly or as guidance assistance by the shelter. Please contact the shelter to get more information.